Welcome to Terra Odyssey Chat (TO Chat)!


Welcome to TO Chat!!
TO Chat provides an exciting web based chat that has many features.
Some of those features include:

  • Nickname Registration (The Nickname is yours!)
  • Channel Registration (Own your own chatroom!)
  • Web Based Chat Interface
  • Chat software specifically for connecting to TO Chat!

Chat Features also Include: 

  • Mini-Games
  • Music in your channel!
  • Audio Chat!
  • Video Chat!
  • White Board/Handwriting. Write out your messages!
  • Be in multiple rooms at the same time!
  • Set up 2D Avatar Chat!
  • Have your own custom Avatar
  • File Transfer
  • Image Transfer
  • Chat is encrypted between the server and your client!
  • And much More!

Come, build a community here at TO Chat!



October 23, 2016

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